Friday, August 19, 2011

On to Week 3

Tate's first big milestone of 28 weeks is now five days away. Only five. That sounds so much more manageable than 20. Next Wednesday we'll be having a party to celebrate.

My first big milestone has actually already passed. I don't completely understand why the first two weeks were considered such a critical time, but from the beginning my doctor has been all about getting through the first two weeks... and we're officially done! This morning when she came in she informed me that her new goal is to have me here long enough to meet every doctor in the combined Dallas and Plano offices of her practice. Since I only see other doctors on weekends and she was on call last, I'd have to be here six more weekends before I'd hit all eight doctors. She was halfway joking, but even that is a big change from where we were. No one was joking two weeks ago.

So it looks like life is calming down. There's far less discussion of the next few days and far more discussion of preparing to be in the hospital until October when Tate would be 35 weeks. The constant stress of the first few days has mellowed into a predictable routine of monitoring and medications, and in many ways, I feel more secure now than I did before all of this happened. I'd just prefer to feel this safe at home...

Tomorrow starts weekend number three, and I can't say I'm looking forward to another boring Saturday... at least we're getting closer to our goal.

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