Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Plans

Once we found out we were going to have a baby, I knew that things were going to have to change. Me time, me money, and me mindset would have to change. Not as many trips, not as many concerts, not as many restaurants. I had sort of planned out a last hurrah leading up to November. For August, I had an extra day and a half packed on to a business trip to San Francisco. I was going to make sure to hit up Amoeba Records and Tartine and Golden Gate Park and as many of the other places in one of my favorite cities in the world. For September, I had already bought some nice tickets to see one of my favorite bands. They came in the mail on Thursday. Two of my favorite bands happen to be playing here that night, so I was trying to figure out if I could reasonably make it to both. I wasn't sure what October held, but I was sure something fun would come up. At the very least, I'd be heading down to an Aggie football game or two. I was slowly getting things together. I was working on getting the house refinanced. I was slowly getting things set up and ready for a baby around the house. All in all, I was mostly focused on me and how my life was going to change.

Since Thursday, every one of those plans has changed. The trip will be canceled on Monday. The concert tickets will be up for grabs. (Anybody want to buy 4 pretty good Explosions in the Sky tickets?) Aggie football tickets will be given away or sold. My focus has had to shift from those things I wanted to complete before my life changed to making sure that I am doing everything I possibly can for my wife and our son.

Over these last two days, I have been so thankful for people who haven't been as focused on themselves as I have been on me. You people have been nothing short of amazing. Tons of people have offered help in any way they possibly can. I'm having to forgo my normal reaction of saying I can do it myself and accept. Our families and friends from home are amazing, but they live hours away from here. They will do anything we ask, but the little things that folks around here have done and offered to do give me such a peace. This love has been working hard on my selfishness and pride.

Today's Three Little Things to Be Thankful For:
1. Adrian got a good night's sleep last night.
2. A call I received last night from a friend that I have not done a good job of keeping up with. In that selfish, isolated mode I tend to operate in, I let relationships with people die on the vine. I really appreciated his reaching out.
3. I bought a Kindle a couple of weeks ago on a bit of a whim. It has been a nice, convenient way to pass the time.

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