Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Scheming - Plan B

So technology has bitten me so far today. I couldn't get the hospital wifi working with my grand idea, so now I've moved to plan B.

One of Adrian's birthday gifts is a digital picture frame. This particular frame has an email address . Anyone in the world can attach a picture to an e-mail sent to that address, and it will show up. My plan was to have that thing updating throughout the day with pictures from whomever felt like sending them. Now with plan B in place, the frame is sitting here at my house. It will still receive email all day. Later tonight, I will bring it back up to the hospital updated with whatever you folks might want to send to it. I'll probably be taking it offline sometime around 8:00 tonight and bringing it up to finish off her birthday. I wanted A to have as many visitors as she could stand today, and I was hoping this might be a fun way to get some folks right to her room who otherwise might not be able to visit.

If you get a sec, take a quick pic and send it to her frame. I want her to have a lot to see and smile at later tonight.

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