Thursday, August 18, 2011


A and Tate have had a good last couple of days. She's settled in to her cheerful room, and he's behaving. Thanks to my job and the Sawyer's, Maggie and I have settled into a pretty nice routine too. We both miss A at the house, but she continues to amaze at her 24 hour job here at the hospital. I've explained A's job to Maggie. She understands and said she'd do her part too. She keeps the yard clear of pesky squirrels during in the morning and the house safe and clean in the afternoons.

Today marks two weeks of hospital life for A, and to a lesser extent me. In two weeks time, A's seen the hallway twice. I've learned my way around here pretty well. The nurses know when I'm coming and going. The guy down down in the cafeteria now knows me by my ice cream purchase. The lady at the parking pass place remembers how to spell my last name. The parking lot attendants don't say "Have a nice evening" when I leave around 5:00. They know they'll see me again before the night's over. I'm able to give elevator advice to the newbies who can't seem to figure out how to get to the 8th floor.

For a guy who thrives on variety and tends to like to remain anonymous, this routine and familiarity feel good. It means that A and Tate are in good hands. The longer we are here; the more familiar it will become. The more familiar it becomes; the bigger and stronger Tate is getting.

Today's little things:
1. A's bumblebee and 5:30 Rocks parents. A loves her kiddos. Seeing some of her former students and girls from her small group has been a huge lift.
2. My aircard. It's letting me spend more time up here while still being able to get work done.
3. I got the desk that was in Tate's room sold. One more step down towards getting his room ready.

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