Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey guys.  Tate here.  Dad wouldn't get me an account, so I have to use his.  I wanted to tell you guys about my mommy.

From the start, when I was tiny, she was giving me hugs and kisses.... 


Whenever I was sad, she was there to hold my hand...

When I was cold, she kept me warm....

When I was sleepy, she was my bed...

She is pretty impressive. 

Now that I'm getting big, she feeds me these awesome foods she makes.  I think she said this one was called nanas.  I love them. 

I love it when she smiles.  I have a magical power that makes her do it.  I make a cute face and BOOM...she's smiling.  

She takes me fun places....

...and we go in style....

...and she'll even hold my stuff if someone else has me.

She sings my favorite songs.  This one is called the "Itsy Bitsy Spider....." 

pssst....don't tell her, but I love it when she tickles me.  

I don't know where she learned to cuddle, but she's a pro.

She's awesome at playing.  She knows how to stack my blocks and keeps my round guys close and makes the cars spin and can keep my pesky snail singing.  

In case you haven't figure it out yet, my mommy is pretty awesome.  Tomorrow, I'll be six months old.  It's gone by pretty fast.  She'd probably say the same.  I'm always an easy little boy.  You see, we've been on the same sleep schedule for all this time, and I think it's working out pretty well for her.  Whenever I wake up, she's already awake.  I don't know how she does it.  I think she's magic.  

She's never tired.  She's always here to sing to me.  She's plays with me all the time.  She reads me books.  I've had more hugs and kisses than any little guy should be allowed.      

 I'm one lucky fella.