Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 Months

One year ago today, we had just arrived in Paris. We were at the start of our two week trip. We knew Tate was coming, but according to the internet, he was about the size of a poppy seed. He was a week or so away from really starting to make his presence known. By the time we hit London, a week later, A’s stomach definitely started knowing he was there. Today, that poppy seed is a 4 month old, 27 ¼ inch, 15ish pound bucket of drool. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes he’s screamy, but he ultimately always wins us over with a smile.

Looking back at all that has changed is crazy. We definitely slept more, and it was almost always uninterrupted and in the same room. We went out to eat more, and a quick, nearby exit for an easy escape with an angry baby wasn’t a necessity. The only stains on our clothes were self-induced (which by virtue of my klutziness meant most of the stained clothes were mine), not the result of spit up. Aggie football season tickets weren’t in the cards when renewals came up last week; however we did just purchased a year’s membership to the arboretum. Aside from one quick jaunt down to Houston to hang out with a buddy and see one of my favorite bands, I still haven’t made it further than 20 miles or so from the house. At two weeks short of a year, I’m still extending the longest stretch of time since I’ve been working that I haven’t been on a plane.

Today wasn’t one of the better days of the last 4 months. Tate didn’t sleep much last night, which led to him being pretty fussy today and in the end, an early trip to bed. I got stuck late a work which led to my not getting to hang out with the little guy. He was asleep for the first time by the time I got home. A, the rock star mom, was completely worn out from no sleep and a fussy baby all day. We missed out on our monthly ritual of taking pictures of Tate in the big chair in his room. It will have to wait until tomorrow. I missed out on bath time, which regardless of his mood ends up being lots of laughs and splashes. On a night like this, it’s easy for me to get frustrated. I wanted a better day. This time last night, in my head, today was scheduled to be a better day.

Sitting here on the couch that will be my bed again tonight (as it tends to be on nights when I need to get uninterrupted sleep so I can focus at work…did I mention A is a rock star mom?), given some time to reflect, I’m glad that tomorrow is another day. It’ll be another long day at work, but after that with some luck, we’ll get to take some pictures a day late. I’ll get to sit down next to Tate’s play mat and drag a silly snail across the floor. I’ll get to fill up a plastic fish up with bath water, pour it over Tate’s head and watch him laugh. On the surface, it may sound less fun than a trip to Versailles and Roland Garros as was the plan on March 15th of last year, but I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to it more.