Thursday, August 11, 2011

26 weeks and 1 day...

Today was my 30th birthday. It was also day one of my second week in the hospital. Not exactly how I imagined this day would go...

That said, it's been a great day. Tons of people have been in and out of my room. I had Society Bakery cupcakes to share with everyone. I've gotten more birthday wishes than I can count and some very sweet notes and gifts. Aside from being stuck in my hospital room I couldn't have asked for more, and I feel very blessed.

At this point, there's not a lot of daily news. My doctor visits every morning to check in, but we'll mostly be waiting for my weekly Tuesday sonograms. As far as anyone can tell things are still going well, and considering where we were a week ago, that's very encouraging.

Anyway, I'm exhausted (yay!), but we're another day down. Tate is 26 weeks and 1 day old now, and I'm 30. Very thankful that we won't share a birthday!

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