Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to Work

I made it back to work for a little over half the day today. I may give my bosses a hard time every once in a while, but they are all class acts. We've got so much going on at work that it isn't a great time for me to be in and out of the office, but their understanding is making this time a lot easier to manage.

We're still working on what normal looks like. I don't quite know when or if we'll find it, but that's ok. Last night, I slept here at the hospital since one of Maggie's two favorite nannies drove from Oklahoma in an un-airconditioned car to stay with her (Her other favorite gets here late on Thursday). I won't be able to be here every night of our hopefully long stay, but I truly enjoyed being able to. The couch isn't the most comfortable, but it's just about long enough for me, and you can't beat the location.

We called our families yesterday and let them know what our baby boy's name is going to be. We were going to keep it a secret until he was born, but decided that we'd spill the beans yesterday. You might get it out of A one day before too long, but probably not today.

Today's 3 Little Things:
1. Maggie had great company last night while I got to stay with A.
2. Even in inconvenient times, my company believes that family comes first.
3. The couch at home is 11 minutes away from the couch in the hospital room.

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