Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Year Later

It was a year ago that I sat in that room that would become so familiar at Medical City and started this blog.  That day was full of fear, confusion, the holding back of a lot of tears, and a lot of them coming out anyway.  None of the things I was worried about on August 5th of 2011 are a part of our story on August 5th 2012.  Lots of help, lots of prayers, two months of amazing care, and that worry was gone.  I feel like I tell this story over and over again, but I can’t ever quite tell it right.  I was correct in that everything changed that day, but we are blessed to be able to say that they didn’t change like they seemed they might. 

One year later, I’ve gotten to spend just about every minute the two of us have been awake with Tate.   The relevant statistics now as more like 99 (the percentile of length he’s in).  5 (the number of teeth he’s got). 3 (the number of adventures we took today).  He’ll pull up on anyone or anything that stays in place long enough to let him.  One of his favorite tricks is making faces at people when we are out.  The little guy is more social than A or I have ever been.  He’s sitting here watching these words go onto this page.  He’s amazed for a minute or so, and then he starts back with one of his new favorite games; steal dad’s hat.  He thinks it’s pretty hilarious.  I keep taking breaks from typing to keep him from climbing off the couch, to toss him in the air, to blow on his tummy, and to watch him laugh.  He won’t remember today as anything special, but I definitely will. 

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