Sunday, October 2, 2011


I've been running around too much to keep perfect numbers, but in the last 60 days, I've:
  • Slept on this lumpy, pull-out couch somewhere around 15 nights (and parts of 20 or so days)
  • Called or sent an email each of the 45 nights I've gone home letting A know that I'd made it home
  • Hit up the Chuy's takeout counter at least 10 times (and many other takeout counters at least once)
  • Bought 9 weekly parking permits
  • Watched 3 1/2 seasons of Mad Men (and probably more episodes of Say Yes to the Dress than that)
  • Gone down the hall to get water and/or ice no fewer than 100 times
  • Told Maggie how much A misses her every day for 60 days
  • Been outside of a 10 mile radius of this hospital room 0 times.
As long as all goes as expected, I'll should be taking my wife home in two days. We've been through enough to know not to take that for granted, but we can't help but be excited. She'll still need to take it easy for at least a few weeks, but we'll be back to living in the same place. Maggie has spent the last 60 days waiting patiently for A to walk through the door She'll be so excited to have her best friend home, and I will be too.

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